Silence, second round, Austin Film Festival.

Silence made it to the second round! Just got back from the trip. Very fun and very informative. Got to see/meet a couple of inspirations in my life. Mr. Paul Thomas Anderson and Mr. Vince Gilligan. Chatted with Lee Aronsohn of Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, for over an hour while at one of the parties for producer’s badge holder’s only. Just a true gent. Went to the panels and heard from some of the greats in attendance there to inform the fresh crop of aspiring writers and to take in their wisdom. I was not disappointed. Now it’s time to get into gear and finish The Will.


Silence gets a 70/100 score from PAGE!

Silence, a script I’ve been working on just got a judge’s score of 70 out of 100 at the PAGE International Screenplay competition. ¬†We made it to the quarterfinals, but didn’t get further, but still some very constructive feedback and thoughts to take with me into my next venture. This one is a solo project, no title yet.

Minnesota Nice and Til Death at the MOA!

Two of the films that I am responsible for the editing of, and the former as a co-writer, will be shown at the Mall of America tomorrow night, Dec. 18th, for a private cast/crew review peek. Very exciting. Now just waiting to hear from the festivals that we have submitted to. Wish me luck!